This video installation 00:00:00:22, has been made in 2006 when I was a student.

I used a real car, a Citroën AX, which I only kept the structure. I covered it with different coatings to give this “virtual” aspect.

On the rear window, I installed a video that mixes 3D and “real” images. The installation represents a freeze frame of my video, when the time code is at 00:00:00:22.

By intertwining different materials then spaces from a sheet of aluminium (a material that imitates and deforms what approaches it, by its reflection and malleability), I end up with a mirror game between the virtual and the real, forming a sort of evolutionary loop.

Then, the notion of reality becomes very random. The car becomes a hybrid object that travels through different spatio-temporal frames.

By blurring the reference points about the nature of the spaces we have in front of us, the gaze is caught in a net and jumps from one knot to another. The canvas unravels as it is reconstituted.